We’re constantly updating The Boathouse at Hawks Nest

You know how sometimes you go on holiday and the place you end up in is a disappointment? It’s happened to me many times.

The place just looks unloved, smells weird and everything is really dated………

Well I’m pleased to tell you the The Boathouse is not like that at all.

We’ve just spent two weeks repainting the outside and have had the front garden landscaped as grass does not like Hawks Nest sandy soil.

Colourful beachy pictures have been added and the upholstery cleaned.

We want The Boathouse to be your favourite beach house holiday stay in Hawks Nest, Tea Gardens, Nelson Bay and Port Stephens.

You can see from the photos that we are so lucky to be positioned in the most beautiful natural scenic area with white sand beaches and the clean clear bay and ocean water. Nevertheless it’s really good at the end of a great day to return to a lovely house and relax on the verandah and take in the view.

When you come up the stairs onto the first floor living area the light and airy feeling and the view hits you… it’s like “yes, we’re on holiday”

The Boathouse is not contemporary, we do not have stainless steel and granite nor tiles and concrete. But if you’re into a tasteful beachy house with timber floors, ceiling fans, great airflow,light light light, verandahs everywhere to enjoy outdoor living, then I think The Boathouse just might be perfect for your next holiday.

The Boathouse has not been designed as a party house. Ideally 6 adults and  a few kids are perfect.

Go on give it a try! Contact Carolyn on 0414 765750 for more details.

Golfing holidays in Hawks Nest

Are you looking for a golfing holiday in Hawks Nest? The Boathouse at beautiful Winda Woppa in Hawks Nest is only a 3 minute drive to Hawks Nest Golf Club. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Hawks Nest may suit you more than Nelson Bay

Many of our guests who stay at The Boathouse have never been to Hawks Nest before.

We hear that they have been using Google to search for places to stay on the south side of Port Stephens, such as Nelson Bay or Shoal Bay. Then, they stumble across The Boathouse at Hawks Nest and never look back.

The Hawks Nest / Tea Gardens area is on the north side of Port Stephens and is about 10 minutes by boat or about 45 minutes by local ferry. The ferry’s a great cheap way to go dolphin watching, and the ferry drivers ignore the time table to divert to dolphin spot, much to their passengers delight.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens, with most in Tea Gardens being on the Myall riverfront. But if you’re after a commercial holiday destination, you would be better served by South Port Stephens.

Our love of Hawks Nest is the deserted white sand beaches, the clear clean waters and the abundance of nature, birdlife and wildlife, and the easy access to the waterway for fishing and boating.

So if your idea of a holiday is a morning beach walk or bike ride, followed by breakfast at a café on the river; maybe a round of golf or a spot of fishing; then a bucket of prawns from the local fish co-op on the deck back at the house; an afternoon nap on the sun loungers, and a dip in the bay around the corner to refresh you for the evening barby; then I think The Boathouse at Hawks Nest will suit you just fine.

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Things to do on Hawks Nest and Winda Woppa holidays

I always run out of time when on holiday in Hawks Nest. There is just so much to do! But here are some of my favourites that I would like to share with you ;

  • Bike rides.

The Hawks Nest, Tea Gardens area is very flat and so is ideal for riding bikes. The biggest workout is riding over The Singing bridge from Hawks Nest to Tea Gardens. Be sure to stop at the top of the bridge and look out for dolphins. The Mothers bring their babies here to play safely and we’ve spent many an hour on the top of this bridge watching dolphins play in the clear water below.

  • Boat trips.

We take our own boat up, which we can park safely in the driveway. But you can also hire boats from Tea Gardens and go up or down the beautiful Myall River at your own leisure.

  • Fish and chips at the Tea Gardens Motel.

For only $ 10 you order a “cone” of fish and chips and get a heap of chips and about four pieces of fish! Well cooked and great value. The dining room looks out onto the river, so it’s a lovely little spot to have lunch.

  • Golf.

Hawks Nest boasts a beautiful well tended golf course. Golfers come from all over Australia to play on this lovely course. I’m not a great golfer myself, but my husband enjoys a round or too. It’s always a treat for our friends when they come to stay and we take them for a round of golf on such a fabulous course.

  • Fishing

The fishing is good all around Hawks Nest. We often fish from the boat, but many locals fish along the river bank, just down the road from The Boathouse seems to be a popular spot; and also on Jimmy’s beach which is just round the corner from The Boathouse. Bream, flathead and whiting seem to be the most common catches and my favourite of all CRABS! Mmmm.

  • Driving along the beach to the Little Gibber.

My other blog posts show some photos of this place. For me it is just heaven. Like no other place on earth. Lighting a fire and cooking a barby on it is the best thing of all. I just never want to leave.

  • Wildlife spotting

When we bring overseas guest to The Boathouse we are always confident that we will be able to show them the local fauna. There’s an area called Shearwater, just before you get to Tea Gardens off The Myall Way; and if you drive around the acreages there at dusk you are guaranteed to see wallabies and/or kangaroos. They are everywhere.

Koalas are harder to spot, but they are around and it is a real privilege to spot one of these darling little creatures.

Dolphins are absolutely everywhere, in the bay, the ocean and the river, so it’s hard NOT to see them!

Some people don’t like dingoes, but I do. They’re part of our native wildlife. I have had occasions at dawn when I have seen an odd one strolling down The Anchorage. If you’re really keen to go dingo spotting, drive up towards Myall Lake towards Mungo Brush and drive around the campsites there. They are certainly there in the summer as I think campers feed them. (more fool them and certainly not adviseable)

Birds are prolific. Magnificent black Cockatoos, every imaginable type of honeyeater and the ubiquitous kookaburra.

I love the dawn chorus at Hawks Nest. It’s a different one to my home dawn chorus and I love to listen to the contrast of calls and songs.

  • Lazing on the beach and splashing in the water.

Yes I’m just a beach bum at heart, and I adore the white sand beaches in this area. If I feel like a proper swim, I stroll out of The Boathouse with towel over shoulder, taking 2 minutes to get to the perfect swimming beach. The water is generally calm here as it’s the bay beach.

If I fancy a bit more action, then we head over to the surf beach and play in the surf. Our surfing friends love this beach.

  • Walking.

I love walking and there are some great tracks and beaches to walk on from The Boathouse. Go the beach, and decide whether to turn left or right! Both walks are great and really different. If you turn left, you will end up at the rocks at the bottom of Yacabaa, and near the heads of the bay. If you turn right, yo will go past Barnes Rocks and end up at a beautiful sheltered isolated bay area and can walk right down to the mouth of the river. If you’re feeling energetic, a walk up Yacabaa itself is always a good work out. Best to do this walk when it’s not too hot though.

  • Ferry ride to Nelson Bay

I love watching the ferries sail past when I’m sitting on the verandah of The Boathouse. If I feel like a bit of change of scenery, I take the ferry from Tea Gardens to Nelson Bay. There’s a cinema over there, and a more commercial atmosphere. Nice for a day, but always good to get back to beautiful Winda Woppa.

Well that is only a sample of things I like to do…. so next time I write, I’ll share some more. And if you’ve stayed at The Boathouse or in Winda Woppa or Hawks Nest yourself, we’d love to hear some of the activities you’ve enjoyed most.

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Winter at Winda Woppa

Winter at The Boathouse is never really cold. I know that ‘cold’ is very subjective, but I’m a hothouse flower and really feel the cold.

Because The Boathouse is on the water it is always about 6 degrees warmer than our house on the Central Coast. The north facing aspect ensures that the house is drenched with sunlight. The house was designed to capture the low winter sun, and shade the summer heat.

What I really love about The Boathouse is lighting the wood fire and curling up with a good book and a glass of red wine. Aaah the simple pleasures in life.

The Hawks Nest / Winda Woppa beaches are just delightful in the winter. You can walk for miles down the white sand and often see no-one.

We still take the boat out in the winter. The boat ramp at Winda Woppa is designed so that you don’t have to get wet to put the boat in. Perfect for me, the sook.

Port Stephens Bay is lovely and quiet in the colder months, and luckily the dolphins are still just as eager to show themselves and play around the boat.

Of course in the winter months we also have the added attraction of whale watching. For those without a boat, there are whale watching cruises available.

Bikes are a necessity in Hawks Nest as it’s almost completely flat and has quiet roads. An ideal bike riding centre. We cycle over The Singing Bridge to Tea Gardens and have lunch over there at one of the many cafes on the river.

If you don’t have your own bike, you can hire them at the hotel / restaurant on Booner Street Hawks Nest, close to the surf.

If you prefer 4Wdriving to biking, the deserted beaches north from The Hawks Nest Golf Club make for ideal driving.

The Hawks Nest Golf Course is less than 5 minutes from The Boathouse, so bring your golf clubs and have a round of golf. The course is beautiful and extremely well maintained and is very popular with golfers who return every year.

So as you may gather, I just love going to The Boathouse in the winter. There’s plenty to do for sure; or of course you too may choose to curl up in front of the fire and watch the boats go by.

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The Little Gibber beach at Hawks Nest

One of the highlights of our week at Hawks Nest was driving up the beach to The Little Gibber. Read the rest of this entry »

Our weekend away at Hawks Nest

Have just returned from a wonderful weekend at The Boathouse Hawks Nest.

The weather was perfect, sunny but with a soothing breeze so we decided to take the boat out. We launch the boat a hop, skip and a jump away at the boat ramp down the road in Winda Woppa into The Myall River.

We went out into the Port Stephens bay Read the rest of this entry »

Some more photos

Bennet’s Surf Beach at Hawks Nest

Be sure to stop off at the ever so popular cafe on the Myall River at Tea Gardens

Pelicans abound around the Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens area

Sunshine shimmering on Hawks Nest surf.


 The beautiful bay at Hawks Nest

You are bound to see dolphins either off Jimmy’s Beach, at Tea Gardens or in the ocean beach.

Great walk we do leading to Yaccaba in the distance

Aerial shot of the Myall River, Tea Gardens, Hawks Nest and Winda Woppa

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Springtime in Winda Woppa

Just got back from a wonderful weekend at The Boathouse Hawks Nest.

Spring is such a lovely time to be in Hawks Nest. The beaches are empty and nature abounds.

A friend who stayed with us on this trip remarked on the many birds in the area. It’s true. I live on acreage but am always astonished at the number of birds I see at Hawks Nest and the abundance of bird song. Really wonderful.

Whilst sitting on the verandah having an early morning coffee, what should we see walking past, but a dingo sauntering down the road! They’re very shy and when we called out to it, it dashed in to the mangroves.

The garden we planted in autumn is really established now. The aloes were in flower, very stunning! The hibiscuses are in bud and the pelargoniums were vibrant. All the bottlebrushes are out in Hawks Nest right now and the streets are draped in bright scarlet. Very pretty.

We bought a succulent leg of lamb from the Hawks Nest butcher (always reliable and a lovely bloke as well!) so we fired up The Weber and stuck chats in the oven with roast veggies and sat feasting on the verandah with friends.

Had a bike ride around Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens on Sunday finishing off with brekky at Tea Gardens. We like the café on the river, literally! At king tides its verandahs are under water and you sit paddling in the water. Real fun. Sometimes we take the boat up here and moor up outside and have lunch here. Our guests and visitors always find this a fun thing to do. The café is The Boatshed.

Our friends went home at lunchtime and so we walked down to the furthest point down Winda Woppa. It’s a beautiful walk along unspoilt beaches with white sand to the Myall river mouth.

Every time we go the lie of the land changes due to tides and wind and sand movement, so it’s always intriguing to see what changes we will see there.

We didn’t go fishing this weekend as we didn’t take the boat. We sometimes fish off the river bank or from Jimmys Beach, but towed the trailer up this time as we had maintenance jobs to do.

Anyway, we’ll be up there very shortly we hope and will report back again on Hawks Nest news.

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