Winter at Winda Woppa

Winter at The Boathouse is never really cold. I know that ‘cold’ is very subjective, but I’m a hothouse flower and really feel the cold.

Because The Boathouse is on the water it is always about 6 degrees warmer than our house on the Central Coast. The north facing aspect ensures that the house is drenched with sunlight. The house was designed to capture the low winter sun, and shade the summer heat.

What I really love about The Boathouse is lighting the wood fire and curling up with a good book and a glass of red wine. Aaah the simple pleasures in life.

The Hawks Nest / Winda Woppa beaches are just delightful in the winter. You can walk for miles down the white sand and often see no-one.

We still take the boat out in the winter. The boat ramp at Winda Woppa is designed so that you don’t have to get wet to put the boat in. Perfect for me, the sook.

Port Stephens Bay is lovely and quiet in the colder months, and luckily the dolphins are still just as eager to show themselves and play around the boat.

Of course in the winter months we also have the added attraction of whale watching. For those without a boat, there are whale watching cruises available.

Bikes are a necessity in Hawks Nest as it’s almost completely flat and has quiet roads. An ideal bike riding centre. We cycle over The Singing Bridge to Tea Gardens and have lunch over there at one of the many cafes on the river.

If you don’t have your own bike, you can hire them at the hotel / restaurant on Booner Street Hawks Nest, close to the surf.

If you prefer 4Wdriving to biking, the deserted beaches north from The Hawks Nest Golf Club make for ideal driving.

The Hawks Nest Golf Course is less than 5 minutes from The Boathouse, so bring your golf clubs and have a round of golf. The course is beautiful and extremely well maintained and is very popular with golfers who return every year.

So as you may gather, I just love going to The Boathouse in the winter. There’s plenty to do for sure; or of course you too may choose to curl up in front of the fire and watch the boats go by.

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