The Little Gibber beach at Hawks Nest

We had overseas rellies out and had booked The Boathouse at Winda Woppa for a week of fun by the beach.

The weather was perfect and every night we sat on the deck and cooked on the weber or the gas barby and enjoyed the stars and the evening river views.

One of the highlights of the week was driving up the beach to The Little Gibber. We drive to the Lemon tree passage entrance which is up Mungo Road, but you can get on the beach at Hawks Nest Beach by the golf club. You need a permit to drive on the beach, but it’s only cheap and can be bought on the spot at The Tea Gardens Visitor Centre.

We went with friends who also have a house at Winda Woppa, and went in convoy up the beach. It’s only a ten to fifteen minute drive but a lot of fun.

At the end is a little rocky outcrop where we make our camp. This particular weeknight evening we were the only people there and it was truly magical.

We were all frolicking in the waves and just enjoying being in such a beautiful unspoilt place.

A fire was soon built for cooking the sausages, and we all tucked into sausage sandwiches flavoured with the salt from our briny fingers and dripping wet hair.

It was a real effort to drag ourselves away from this truly idyllic place, but we wanted to find our way back in the dark as it’s easy to miss the exit when the light has gone. ( we know as we’ve made that mistake before but never again)

Soon we were home and showered for nightcaps on the deck. Another day in paradise.

Back home, these Hawks Nest memories always make me smile and feel grateful that we are able to experience such wonderful times in the natural beauty of this wonderful area and relish the chance to get back up there soon.

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